Low-density, flame-retardant COHRlastic silicone foam yard goods provide outstanding performance for industries ranging from aviation and mass transit to automotive, electronics, construction and furniture.
In addition to a UL94V-0 listing in thicknesses down to 1/16", it withstands a 2100 °F flame for more than 10 minutes without burning through in thicknesses down to 3/8".
The material, which has a nominal density of 12 pounds per cubic foot, generates very little white smoke.
Non-corrosive for use with metals and in hostile environments, it has low compression set. Among its applications are fireblocks, thermal barriers, noise and vibration dampeners, insulation and high-performance gaskets or seals.
For the aviation, automotive and mass transit industries, it offers a high degree of design flexibility. Lightweight and easy to process, it can be laminated to seat cover fabrics and carpeting as a backing for added flame resistance in passenger compartment furnishings.

The material has similar uses in institutional and residential furnishings, marine and lighting applications. It offers properties valuable in flame retardant backings for floor,wall and furniture coverings; fire-wall and thermal barriers or insulation, padding and gasketing for commercial and private marine vehicles; or gasketing and sealing in high- intensity light fixtures and electronic components in medical, computer and business equipment.
Colored gray, it is supplied in 18" and 36" wide roll stock. Thicknesses are shown in the table below. It is available plain or, on special order, laminated to any of a wide range of substrates.
Because of the unique nature of COHRlastic foam, SGPPL CHR has undertaken a rigorous testing program which is performed at outside independent laboratories.
The tests document the flame resistant properties and low levels of toxicity and smoke generation as well as mechanical and electrical properties. Details are on file at SGPPL CHR.

Tests, claims, representations and descriptions regarding flamability are based on standard laboratory tests and, as such, may not be reliable for determining, evaluating, predicting or describing the flammability or burning characteristics under actual fire conditions, whether used alone or in combination with other products. Accordingly, each potential user should make an individual determination whether the flammability or burning characteristics of the product are suitable for the purpose intended by the user.

CHR provides certification to the specifications listed when requested with order. All properties are typical values and should not be used for writing specifications. Please consult plant concerning updated specifications. Government and military specifications are being revised at the time of this catalog printing.
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Item #

Thermal Conductivity



Compression Deflection

Surface Description

Tensile Strength

F-12-36 N/A 0.42 BTU in/h·ft2 ºF (K factor) N/A 36 in N/A Gray N/A 3 psi N/A Textured on one side N/A 25 psi
F-12-18 N/A 0.42 BTU in/h·ft2 ºF (K factor) N/A 18 in N/A Gray N/A 3 psi N/A Textured on one side N/A 25 psi
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