• Conductive Adhesive Product

    Emerson & Cuming offers a wide range of electrically co adhesives which have been developed for die and comp bonding. Known for their adhesion and resistance to the physical stresses, our die attach adhesives boast favora dispense properties and customized rheological characte Ultra "snap" cure (< 10 seconds) adhesives are available through-put, on-line cure methods are required to autom assembly lines.

  • Film Adhesives Product

    Emerson & Cuming offers a wide range of electrically conductive and electrically insulating film adhesives. Film adhesives are used in a variety of applications; bonding h sinks to printed circuit boards, attaching lids, bonding components, sealing hermetic packages and providing E shielding.

    These tack-free film adhesives are supplied die cut to the unique geometries of customer applications. Although th products have been employed in military applications for than two decades, we are pleased to introduce film adhesives to a wide range of industry applications. An innovative solution to common problems associated with traditional assembly techniques.