CHO-THERM® HIGH-POWER THERMAL INSULATOR PADS are thermally conductive materials designed for use where the highest possible thermal, dielectric, and mechanical properties are required.

Fiberglass cloth reinforcement strengthens CHO-THERM® pads against tear, cut-through and punctures.

These materials are available in sheet form and die-cut configurations. An optional adhesive layer (with PSA) is available on one or two sides. With a proven track record spanning several decades in multiple applications, these products are the first choice for high-end power supplies, industrial, aerospace, and military/avionics applications.

Available in several different forms to suit various applications.

  • Excellent thermal properties
  • High dielectric strength
  • Excellent mechanical strength and puncture resistance
  • Unit of Measure


    N/A Pink

    Reinforcement Carrier

    N/A Fiberglass

    Test Method Thicknesses

    N/A ASTM D374


    N/A 0.25 mm0.010 in

    Thickness Tolerance

    N/A ± 0.050 mm± 0.002 in

    Test Method Specific Gravity

    N/A ASTM D792

    Specific Gravity

    N/A 1.55

    Test Method Hardness

    N/A ASTM D2240

    Hardness, Shore A

    N/A 80

    Operating Temperature Range

    N/A –40 to 200 ºC–40 to 392 ºF

    Test Method Thermal Impedance

    N/A ASTM D5470

    Thermal Impedance

    N/A 1.26 ºC-cm²/W0.20 ºC-in²/W

    Test Method Apparen Thermal Conductivity

    N/A ASTM D5470

    Apparen Thermal Conductivity

    N/A 2.0 W/m·K

    Test Method Heat Capacity

    N/A ASTM E1269

    Heat Capacity

    N/A 1.0 J/g-ºC

    Test Method Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

    N/A ASTM E831

    Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

    N/A 250 ppm/K

    Test Method Volume Resistivity Dry

    N/A ASTM D149

    Volume Resistivity Dry

    N/A 1016 O/cm

    Test Method Voltage Breakdown Dry

    N/A ASTM D149

    Voltage Breakdown Dry

    N/A 2500 Vac

    Test Method Tensile Strength

    N/A Chomerics

    Tensile Strength

    N/A 20.7 MPa3000 psi

    Test Method Tear Strength

    N/A Chomerics

    Tear Strength

    N/A 35 kN/m200 lb/in

    Test Method Elongation

    N/A Chomerics


    N/A 20 %

    Test Method Dielectric Constant

    N/A ASTM D150

    Dielectric Constant at 1000 kHz

    N/A 3.6

    Test Method Dissipation Factor

    N/A Chomerics Test

    Dissipation Factor at 1000 kHz

    N/A 0.007

    Test Method Flammability Rating

    N/A UL 94

    Flammability Rating

    N/A V-0

    Test Method RoHS Compliant

    N/A Chomeric Certification

    RoHS Compliant

    N/A Yes

    Test Method Outgassing

    N/A ASTM E595

    Outgassing TML

    N/A 0.55 %

    Outgassing CVCM

    N/A 0.12 %

    Test Method Shelf Life

    N/A Chomerics

    Shelf Life, Months from Dry Pad

    N/A 24

    Shelf Life, Months from Dry Pad with PSA

    N/A 18