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Emerson & Cuming offers a wide range of electrically co adhesives which have been developed for die and comp bonding. Known for their adhesion and resistance to the physical stresses, our die attach adhesives boast favora dispense properties and customized rheological characte Ultra "snap" cure (< 10 seconds) adhesives are available through-put, on-line cure methods are required to autom assembly lines.

Copper filled adhesive designed for general purpsoe applications.
Unit of Measure

Max. Volume Resistivity

N/A 0.002 O/cm

Certified to MIL-STD-883, Method 5011

N/A No

Work Life at Room Temperature

N/A 45 min


N/A 1 h at 95 ºC

Secondary Cure Option

N/A 30 min at 120 ºC

Lap Shear Strength

N/A 1600 psi


N/A 1.3 W/m·K


N/A 59 ºC

CTE Below Tg

N/A 45 ppm/ºC

CTE Above Tg

N/A 150 ppm/ºC