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3M™ Film Tapes PTFE are high-temperature tapes used in applications requiring consistent performance and minimum shrinkage across a wide range of temperatures.

3M™ Film Tapes PTFE are extremely resistant to chemicals, have high arc resistance and are free of carbonizing materials. Available in custom widths from 1/8 inch to 24 inch, and comes standard on a 36 yard roll on a 3 inch diameter core.
Unit of Measure


N/A 2-mil film; bondable backside for higher adhesion to its own backing and better bonding of resins and varnishes; suitable for applications similar to 60 Tape; PRINTABLE

Backing Description

N/A Bondable Film on liner



Operating Temperature

N/A 180 ºC

Total Thickness

N/A 4 mil0.102 mm

Dielectric Breakdown

N/A 9500 V

Insulation Resistance

N/A >1 x 106 Megaohm

Breaking Strength

N/A 20 lb/in35 N/10mm


N/A 200 %

Electrolytic Corrosion Factor

N/A 1

Adhesion to Steel

N/A 30 oz/in3.2 N/10mm

UL 510 Flame Retardant

N/A Yes

CTI Material Group