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Many of the 3M™ Filament Tapes were designed for applications needing both the dielectric strength of polyester film and the high mechanical strength of glass fiber.

Offering the ultimate in low stretch, high tensile strength and edge-tear resistance, these products are more cost effective than glass cloth tapes in applications up to 130 °C. They can be used to anchor lead wires and terminal strips and to band coils. A special paper-backed filament tape is also available to meet the unique requirements of high voltage oil-filled distribution transformers. Available in custom widths from 1/8 inch to 24 inch, and comes standard on a 60 yard roll on a 3 inch diameter core. Standard length varies by thickness.
Unit of Measure


N/A Solvent-resistant, high shear strength adhesive; good tensile strength and edge-tear resistance; for holding applications.

Backing Description

N/A Polyester Film/Glass Filament



Operating Temperature

N/A 130 ºC

Total Thickness

N/A 6.5 mil0.165 mm

Dielectric Breakdown

N/A 5500 V

Insulation Resistance

N/A 1 x 105 Megaohm

Breaking Strength

N/A 275 lb/in481 N/10mm


N/A 5 %

Electrolytic Corrosion Factor

N/A 1

Adhesion to Steel

N/A 35 oz/in3.8 N/10mm

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