Emerson & Cuming offers a wide range of electrically conductive and electrically insulating film adhesives. Film adhesives are used in a variety of applications; bonding h sinks to printed circuit boards, attaching lids, bonding components, sealing hermetic packages and providing E shielding.

These tack-free film adhesives are supplied die cut to the unique geometries of customer applications. Although th products have been employed in military applications for than two decades, we are pleased to introduce film advan to a wide range of industry applications. Consider films f innovative solution to common problems associated with traditional assembly techniques.

Sister formulation to that has been certified to MIL-STD-883, method 5011.
Unit of Measure



N/A Electrically Conducting Adhesives


N/A None

Film Thickness

N/A 2 mil3 mil4 mil5 mil6 mil


Recommended Cure Schedules

N/A 30 min at 150 °C 2 h at 125 °C


Work Life at Room Temperature

N/A 3 months


N/A 528 kpsi

Lap Shear Strength at 25 ºC, Al to Al

N/A 2500 psi


Thermal Conductivity

N/A 6.5 W/m·K

Glass Transition Temperature

N/A 90 ºC

CTE Below Tg

N/A 65 ppm/ºC

CTE Above Tg

N/A 150 ppm/ºC


Volume Resistivity

N/A 2 x 10-4 O/cm


Applications that benefit from film adhesives

Precision Applications with Mechanical Strength: Compared to pastes and liquid adhesives, die cut films can be precisely placed keeping adhesive where it is needed and contamination away from sensitive components.

Thermal Management: With consistent thickness and void free application, films offer inherent thermal advantages compared to traditional paste or thermal tape products. With thermal conductivity up to 7 W/mK, film products maximize thermal transfer for the most demanding heat applications.

RF and Microwave Assembly: Traditionally the realm of solder where air voids routinely require electrical adjustments and rework, the void free application of electrically conductive films are transforming the manufacture of RF and microwave assamblies.

low Temperature Lead Free Assembles: Films, as well and Emerson & Cuming/s electrically conductive adhesives, can be your solution for lead free com