Strip-N-Stick® tape provides all the benefits of silcone rubber in an easy-to-apply, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape form. Compressible and flexible, it can conform to irregular surfaces, wrap over cylinders or be formed to produce right angles. Applications include gasketing, vibration damping, and thermal insulation.The tape reduces the need for expensive diecut- parts – you don‘t pay for the center. It also eliminates the high cost of bonding and will be slit to order from 1/2" and up.
100S is a silicone sponge with high temperature silicone adhesive.
200A is a silicone sponge with aggressive acrylic adhesive.
300AR is reinforced silicone sponge with aggressive acrylic adhesive. Its unique construction provides compressibility of sponge and dimensional stability of fiberglass reinforcement. Stretch is eliminated, which contributes to the consistent size and shape of cut parts and inhibits outward extrusion under high pressure. It further permits close tolerance slitting.
440S is a 1/32" thick Shore A 30 durometer silicone solid with high-temperature silicone adhesive.
440A combines 30 durometer solid rubber with a high-adhesion acrylic adhesive for an excellent 1/32" thick gasket material. It provides high elongation and good comformability.
512AF uses SGPPL CHR’s silicone foam along with film-supported acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive.
Adhesive temperature range for Silicone PSA is –100 °F to +500 °F and for Acrylic PSA, –20 °F to +300 °F.
Unit of Measure


N/A 1/4 to 35 in


N/A Blue-gray

Base Material

N/A R10450

Silicone Rubber Material Type

N/A Fiberglass reinforced sponge
Adhesive Type1 N/A Acrylic


N/A 1/16 ±1/64 in (Roll length 10 yd) 1/8 ±1/32 in (Roll length 10 yd) 3/16 ±1/32 in (Roll length 5 yd) Special order. Minimum quantities apply - 3/32 ±1/64 in (Roll length 10 yd)

Test Method Adhesion to Steel

N/A D1000 oz/in
Adhesion to Steel2 N/A 30 oz/in

Test Method Compression Deflection

N/A D1056

Compression Deflection

N/A 15 psi

Test Method Tensile Strength

N/A D412

Tensile Strength

N/A (film break) 100 ppi

Test Method Elongation

N/A D412


N/A < 10 %

Test Method Compression Set

N/A D1056

Compression Set (Compressed 50 % for 22 h at 212 ºF)

N/A 25 %

Test Method Density

N/A D3574

Density of Backing

N/A .020 lb/in
  • 1 All with release liner
  • 2 Adhesive shelf-life when stored at 70 to 90 °F at less than 50 % humidity: silicone adhesive on sponge – 6 months, silicone adhesive on solid – 6 months, acrylic adhesive on sponge – 2 years. To maximize shelf-life, store at 40 to 50 °F.