The SOFT-SHIELD® 3500 fabric over foam (fof) product family are a group of low-closure force EMI/EMC gaskets. SS3500 offers a low cost competitive solution for EMI shielding and electrical grounding in sheer and compression.

The SS3500 product family is comprised of conductive fabric wrapped around open cell foam. This wrap around technology grounds the gasket from point to point, ultimately eliminating an EMI/EMC gap.

SS3500 typically requires less then 1lb/in (0.175/ mm) closure force, making it effective for low closure force applications. SS3500 takes less than 15% compression set. This is less than most other FOF’s on the market resulting in reliable/ repeatable shielding performance. SS3500 is an excellent alternative shielding solution to traditional spring finger type products.

The SS3500 product family is one of the most versatile EMI fof products offered to the market. Depending on mechanical and shielding requirements, the SS3500 can be made with different conductive jackets. Nickel-plated taffeta, Nickel-plated rip-stop polyester, halogen free nickel-plated rip-stop, etc. New geometric profiles are designed and released to the market on a regular basis. Profiles are engineered to optimize mechanical form fit and function while optimizing electrical performance. This technical data sheet will address the most common type FOF. Chomerics has to offer to market. Contact Chomerics for any other special design requirements and an updated profile list.

Product Features:
  • Low cost
  • > 100 (dB) shielding effectiveness 50 MHz to 10 GHz
  • Low closure force
  • Ultra-soft profiles that accommodate a wide range of tolerance gaps
  • Over 200 profiles available to the market
  • Readily available in bulk, cut to length or with cut features
  • ULV0
  • RoHS Compliant
  • REACH Compliant
  • Excellent low compression set properties
  • Abrasion/sheer resistant conductive jackets
  • Low contact resistance

  • Typical Applications:
  • Server Faceplates and blade cards
  • Panel seals
  • Cover seal
  • Door seals
  • Grounding tabs
  • EMI Window/vent seals
  • Improved ground paths
  • Low cost solutions are imperative
  • Unit of Measure

    PSA Tape Backing

    N/A No PSA

    Profile Number

    N/A 3922


    N/A 0.620 in15.75 mm


    N/A 0.110 in2.80 mm

    Test Method Shielding Effectiveness

    N/A CHO-TM-TP08

    Shielding Effectiveness at 50 MHz to 10 GHz

    N/A > 100 dB

    Test Method Compression Deflection

    N/A ASTM C165
    35% Compression Deflection1 N/A < 1 lb/in< 0.175 N/mm

    Test Method Compression Set

    N/A ASTM D3574

    Compression Set

    N/A < 15 %

    Operating Temperature Range

    N/A –40 to 70 ºC

    Test Method Acrylic Adhesive Peel Strength

    N/A ASTM D1000

    Acrylic Adhesive Peel Strength Min.

    N/A 4 lb/in0.7 N/mm

    Recommended % Deflection

    N/A 30 to 50 %

    Test Method Flamability

    N/A UL 94


    N/A V-0

    Product Forms

    N/A SQ, REC., D, C, P, L and Custom

    Typical Applications

    N/A Doors, Panels, Seams, Faceplates, Ground Pads

    Method of Manufacture

    N/A Wrapped foam

    Jacket Material

    N/A Ni/Cu Plated Taffeta Polyester


    N/A Standard performance Urethane Foam
    Attachment Method (PSA)2 N/A Non conductive, closed cell, acrylic PSA

    Baseline EMI Shielding

    N/A 80 dB

    Shielding Effectiveness After Cycling

    N/A Good


    N/A Best

    Compression Set ASTM D395 - Method B

    N/A 70 ºC - 25 %

    RoHS Compliant

    N/A Yes
    • 1 0.125 x 0.375 in gasket
    • 2 PSA typically covers less then 50 % of contact area. Upon compression the conductive fabric will make direct contact to the interface.