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  • Thermally-Conductive-Attachment-Tapes

    Extremely High Strength Heat Sink & Component Attachment Tape

    T418 is the latest offering in Chomerics’ line of industry-leading thermally conductive attachment tapes. Chomerics has utilized its world-class materials science expertise and decades of applications development experience to create this superior product, offering exceptional thermal and mechanical attachment properties.

    THERMATTACH® T410 and T410-R ( T410-R is a RoHS compliant version of T410 with no visual or functional difference) tape consists of a high bond strength, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive loaded with aluminum oxide and coated onto a 0.002 inch (0.05 mm) aluminum foil carrier. The other side of the foil carrier has a silicone pressure sensitive adhesive which provides excellent adhesion to silicone-contaminated plastics and other low energy surfaces.

    THERMATTACH® T411 tape consists of a high bond strength pressure-sensitive adhesive with an expanded aluminum mesh carrier layer. The mesh carrier allows the tape to conform to curved surfaces of plastic molded IC packages, continued providing a high adhesive strength attachment for heat sinks. The high per-formance silicone PSA allows adhesion to silicone-contaminated plastics and other low energy surfaces.

    THERMATTACH® T413 ionically clean tapes feature a fiberglass carrier - T414 ionically clean tapes feature an electrically insulating film carrier. Both T413 and T414 double-sided adhesive tapes provide an effective thermal interface between components, ceramic hybrid circuits, printed circuit boards, flexible circuits, heat spreaders and heat sinks. Ionically clean, they provide good thermal conductivity and exceptional bonding properties - eliminating the need for thermal grease and mechanical fasteners. These tapes are embossed with a unique pattern for maximum conformability and minimal air pockets.