• Film-PTFE Skived Backing Substrates

    PTFE films provide a conformable release surface and exhibit a remarkably low coefficient of friction and non-stick properties. PTFE films have high temperature resistance and are virtually unaffected by all chemicals. At elevated temperatures, PTFE film still retains excellent tensile strength. Service temperatures range from -100°F to +500°F (-73°F to +260°C). Film applications include high temperature coil and capacitor wrapping, composite bonding, masking, and conveyor release linings.

  • Polyimide Films

    Polyimide films are employed because of their extreme heat resistance. Service temperatures range from -100 °F to +500 °F (-73 °C to +260 °C). These flame retardant films exhibit high tensile strength and conformability, good solvent resistance, excellent dielectric strength and good abrasion resistance.

    Polyimide tape applications include electrical insulation, capacitor, transformer, and coil wrapping, electronic assembly, and wave solder protection.

  • Polyimide Films

    The heat resistance and dielectric strength of polyimide tapes make them excellent choices for high temperature insulation and processing applications.

  • Acetate Cloth Electrical Tape

    3M™ Acetate Cloth Tape is an aesthetically pleasing tape which offers excellent conformability in coil wrapping applications up to 105 °C.

    3M™ Acetate Cloth Tape also offers excellent absorption of resins and varnishes. Available in custom widths from 1/8 in to 24 in, and comes standard on a 72 yd roll on a 3 inch diameter core.

  • Acetate Cloth

    Acetate cloth backing and a thermosetting rubber adhesive system create a hand tearable product with high adhesion, conformability, printability and excellent insulating properties.

  • CHO-FOIL Conductive Tapes

    CHO-FOIL EMI Shielding Tape with Conductive Adhesive (Copper, Aluminum or Tinned Copper)

    Chomerics’ CHO-FOIL tapes are an economical EMI shielding solution for a variety of commercial uses. The tapes are available in copper, aluminum, or tinned copper foil backed with Chomerics’ highly conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive (Recognized Under the Component Program of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.). CHO-FOIL copper tape is available with a non-conductive adhesive for applications requiring surface conductivity only. An embossed version of CHO-FOIL copper tape is also available, for a more attractive appearance up to 6 inches (152 mm) wide. Standard length rolls and die-cut custom shapes can be ordered.

    CHO-FAB EMI Shielding Fabric Tape with Conductive Adhesive

    CHO-FAB tape is a corrosion resistant nickel-plated cloth coated with Chomerics’ highly conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive (Recognized Under the Component Program of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.). CHO-FAB tape is extremely strong and lightweight, and has excellent conformability/wrapability to enhance shielding performance and appearance. Use of corrosion resistant nickelplated cloth and Chomerics’ superior metal-particle-filled conductive adhesive technology produces a tape used in a wide variety of EMI shielding and grounding applications.

  • Foil Products

    Nitto Denko’s foil products are engineered to provide the highest EMI/RFI shielding effectiveness available in a pressure sensitive tape. Our interlined products permit ease of die cutting and are highly conformable for convenient application.

  • EMI Shielding Electrical Tape
  • Speciality Tape

    The unique characteristics of these tapes make them ideally suited for high voltage insulation applications. Zone coating allows for complete impregnation of the varnish.

  • Paper Electronic

    Paper Electronic Tapes are designed to satisfy a variety of in-process and packaging needs of "Through-Hole" electronic component manufacturers.

  • Paper Electrical Tape

    3M™ Paper Electrical Tapes are used for banding coils, covering bobbin-wound coils, and for end-turn taping.