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1-part, translucent, fast tack-free high-viscosity conformal coating with controlled volatility
Unit of Measure



N/A Solventless RTV Elastomeric Conformal Coatings

Product Form

N/A 1-part RTV cure


N/A Translucent


N/A 400 mPa/s


N/A 10 A

Specific Gravity

N/A 0.98

Room Temperature Tack-Free Time

N/A 10 min

Room Temperature Cure Time

N/A 60 min

UL 746E Approval

N/A Pending

Shelf Life from Date of Manufacture

N/A 15 months

Dielectric Strength

N/A 625 V/mil25 kV/mm

Dielectric Constant at 1 MHz

N/A 2.4

Dissipation Factor at 1 MHz

N/A 1.00E-03

Volume Resistivity

N/A 5.00E+15 O/cm


Fast tack-free room-temperature cure; high viscosity; cures to soft, low-stress elastomer; controlled silicone volatility

Potential Uses

Protective coating for rigid and flexible circuit boards, connectors, electronic components, or sensors; fast tack-free cure, highly controlled volatility for use around relays, brush motors, and high-tolerance devices (HDD, DVD, CD).

Application Methods

Applied by spray, brush, flow or some automated pattern coating. May be dip coated with special precautions.


Time to cure is dependent on several variables including the method of application, film thickness, temperature and humidity. Tack- free time in the data table gives an indication of typical times until surface is dry enough to handle. Cure time for full cure are indications of time needed to develop full physical properties such as durometer, tensile strength or adhesion. These times, including full cure time, can be significantly improved by introducing mild heat of 60 °C or less.